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Year > 2016  Description > Electronic shower toilet seat  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale

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Year > 2015  Description > Electronic flush plates  Elements > Electronic flush plates (2 pcs) Materials > Screen: printed glass  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale, Eloisa Tolu

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Year > 2014  Description > Video installation for SaphirKeramik presentation at Salone del Mobile Laufen booth

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Antero has an intrinsic duality: that of being an object used for an intimate function, yet located in a public space. The intention here is to avoid trivializing a ritual act during which the time dimension is suspended for a few moments. The two-dimensional aspect generated by the simple geometric shape makes the object appear as architectural and definitely intended to serial installation, while the three-dimensionality of the parts that interact with the body foster the most natural and harmonious relationship with the user possible.

Year > 2012  Description > Siphonic public urinal, urinal divider  Materials > Sanitary vitreous china ceramic  Awards > Red Dot Award 2012  Project Assistant > Carlo Casagrande


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Water appears like a flat square plate simply lying on your exhibition table and full of a green lake water. In reality, it is a very slightly curved surface (earth radius of 6.371 km) with inside concentric layers sinking progressively to reach the deep water and the darkness. The result viewed from the top is like an abstract painting with concentric shades of green. Looking under the table, the visitor will understand why the water looks so deep inside this plate.

Year > 2017  Description > Unique SaphirKeramik sculpture designed for ‘Milestones. A curated show. What?’ on the occasion of Laufen’s 125 years  Manufacturer > Laufen Bathrooms AG, Gmunden factory  Dimensions > 50×35×35cm  Materials > SaphirKeramik, plaster mould produced from a shaped model, cast by hand, glazed and sintered  Project Assistant > Alberto Pasquale


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Year > 2017  Description > Ino exhibition for Laufen showroom during Milan Design Week 2017  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale, Sarah Richiuso


Photo courtesy of Laufen Bathrooms AG

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