Jodan Varaschin

Year > 2011  Description > Collection of dining tables, sideboard and cupboard  Elements > Dining tables (2 pcs), sideboard, cupboard  Materials > Frame: oak veneered plywood; cover: polyurethane and/or acrylic paint finish  Project Assistant > Carlo Casagrande

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Year > 2013  Description > Collection of monolithic freestanding and wall sideboards  Elements > Freestanding sideboard, wall sideboards (2 pcs), large tray, small tray  Materials > Frame: veneered ebony macassar wood with matt finish; sliding shutter cover: veneered ebony macassar or leather vermont; base: gun-metal grey steel  Project Assistant >Carlo Casagrande fendi_casa-symi-02fendi_casa-symi-03fendi_casa-symi-04fendi_casa-symi-05

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Year > 2012, Bed Collection 2017  Description > Collection of modular sofa, beds, bedside table and chest of drawers  Elements > 2 seater sofas (2 pcs), 3/4 seater sofa (2 pcs), sectional elements (10 pcs), ottomans (4 pcs), beds (6 pcs), bedside table, chest of drawers  Materials > Sofa and bed frame: wood, polyurethane feathers, fiberfill; cushions: polyurethane, feathers, fiberfill; back structure: steel covered in leather; buckles: gun-metal grey steel; drawers: lacquered matt wood with leather handles  Project Assistants > Carlo Casagrande, Maurizio Valle, Alberto Pasquale, Gianluca Sandrin

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Year > 2011  Description > Outdoor collection of dining chair, armchair and sofa  Elements >  Dining chair, armchair, 2 seater sofa   Materials >  Frame: powder coated aluminum; frame cover: hand woven polypropylene mesh; seat: polyurethane; cushions cover: silicon polyester and mixed paineira; feet: aluminum polyethylene  Project Assistant > Carlo Casagrande varaschin-obi-outdoor-02varaschin-obi-outdoor-03varaschin-obi-outdoor-04varaschin-obi-outdoor-05varaschin-obi-outdoor-06

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Year > 2013  Description > Outdoor modular sofa collection with perforated bent metal sheet frame  Elements > Armchair, 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, daybed (2 pcs)  Materials >  Frame: powder coated stainless steel; seat: polyurethane draining foam; cushion: polyester, mixed paineira fiber  Project Assistants > Carlo Casagrande, Maurizio Vallevaraschin-pois-outdoor-02varaschin-pois-outdoor-03varaschin-pois-outdoor-04varaschin-pois-outdoor-05

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Year > 2014  Description > Office collection of conference table, executive desks and storage elements  Elements > Conference table, executive desks with sideboards (2 pcs), freestanding bookshelves (3 pcs), low cabinet with coplanar sliding doors  Materials > Table frame: wood;  table top: leather; legs: metal with gun metal grey finish or covered in leather; desk frame: pre-composed ebony macassar wood, veneered with diamond pattern, solid wood; desk legs: solid wood or gun metal grey steel; storage outer frame: polished and lacquered  wood covered in vermont leather   Project Assistant > Carlo Casagrande fendi_casa-serengeti_conference_and_executive-02HyperFocal: 0fendi_casa-serengeti_conference_and_executive-03fendi_casa-serengeti_conference_and_executive-04fendi_casa-serengeti_conference_and_executive-05

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Year > 2013  Description > Collection of modular sofa with tailor-made seam details, sideboards and cupboards with diamond cut coplanar sliding doors, coffee and side tables  Elements > Armchair, sofas (6 pcs), sectional elements (22 pcs),  benches (2 pcs), footstools (6 pcs) cushions (9 pcs), sideboards (4 pcs), cupboards (2 pcs), coffee tables (2 pcs), side table  Materials > Frame: wood, polyurethane foam, polyester fiber; cover: cotton or leather; cushions: goose feathers; sideboards frame: heat-treated oak; doors: diamond cut oak with coplanar mechanism or hinges; shelves: tempered glass; table frame and legs: cast steel with galvanic finish black nickel or polished chrome; table top: glossy/matt lacquered heat-treated oak, tempered glass, marble calacatta gold, emperador or portoro  Project Assistant > Carlo Casagrande


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