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The ultimate evolution of Serengeti, the iconic table of the Luxury Living Group, could only be an unprecedented and exclusive version entirely in natural stone, a tribute to matter. The original idea of a total continuity of line and matter between the tabletop and the legs takes a new dimension in Santorini quartzite. Defying the laws of gravity, the quest for the essential leads to prowess and simplicity becomes spectacular.

Year > 2018  Description > Unique re-edition of Serengeti dining table in Santorini Quarzite presented for Brand & Stone exhibition on the occasion of Marmomac trade fair  Manufacturer > CERESER MARMI, in collaboration with Luxury Living Group  Dimensions > 300x150x74 cm  Materials > Table frame and legs: Santorini Quarzite  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale, Sarah Richiuso

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Beyond technical prowess and innovation, the lightness of Palmer sofa mainly echoes the spirit of Maison Fendi. A shared obsession with reduction relieved Palmer of the traditional and obsolete aspects of opulence. The focus is on modularity, allowing endless configurations thanks to its disconcerting structural simplicity and the possibility to play with the chromatic shades that characterize the couture collections.

Year > 2017  Description > Installation focused on Palmer sofa with custom dyed cover with the chromatic shades that characterize Fendi’s couture collection AW 2017/2018  Manufacturer > Fendi Casa  Dimensions > 2660×880×720mm  Materials > Sofa frame: wood, metal, polyurethane, fiberfill; cover: fabric or leather; cushions: polyurethane, fiberfill; legs: metal with gun-metal grey finish  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale, Sarah Richiuso

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Water appears like a flat square plate simply lying on your exhibition table and full of a green lake water. In reality, it is a very slightly curved surface (earth radius of 6.371 km) with inside concentric layers sinking progressively to reach the deep water and the darkness. The result viewed from the top is like an abstract painting with concentric shades of green. Looking under the table, the visitor will understand why the water looks so deep inside this plate.

Year > 2017  Description > Unique SaphirKeramik sculpture designed for ‘Milestones. A curated show. What?’ on the occasion of Laufen’s 125 years  Manufacturer > Laufen Bathrooms AG, Gmunden factory  Dimensions > 50×35×35cm  Materials > SaphirKeramik, plaster mould produced from a shaped model, cast by hand, glazed and sintered  Project Assistant > Alberto Pasquale


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