Year > 2021  Description > Modular office lounge system with built-in tables  Elements > Sectional elements (5 pcs), built-in tables (4 pcs)  Materials > Base: powder-coated steel; cushions: wood, polyurethane, feathers; cover: fabric or leather; table top: laminate or  veneer  Awards >  Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Awards 2021 Honoree, Chicago Athenaeum’s Green Good Design Award 2022  Project Assistants > Sarah Richiuso, Luca Spagnolo

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Year > 2011  Description > Upholstered small armchair  Elements > Armchair, swivel base armchair  Materials > Frame: solid wood; cover: polyurethane, polyester fiber  Project Assistant > Carlo Casagrande

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studio tk-dual-01

The Dual Lounge is the fruit of a balanced combination of several character traits apparently in opposition. Its monolithic and organic shape is divided in two by a clear-cut line: the upper part is enveloping and dedicated to the user comfort while the base is a subtle counterpoint of balance, tension and transparency. With both parts customizable with any fabric, leather and three-dimensional knitted mesh (base only), Dual Lounge is suitable to either a classic tone-on-tone or a fancy sharp contrast matching. The low back version stimulates a dynamic attitude and a collaborative discourse whereas the high back incites to rest and relaxation.

Year > 2017  Description > Swivel lounge chair collection  Elements > High back armchair, low back armchair, ottoman  Materials > Frame: molded polyurethane foam over rigid polyurethane inner structure; upper cover: fabric or leather; lower cover: fabric or 3D knit; base: steel  Awards >  Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award 2017, Interior Design Magazine’s BoY Awards 2017, Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Awards 2017, Chicago Athenaeum’s Green Good Design Award 2018  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale, Gianluca Sandrin, Agustina Prado Vecchi

studio tk-dual-01

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Year > 2015  Description > Collection of highly configurable modular sofa, lounge and club armchairs, occasional square table  Elements > Lounge chair, club chair, settee, three seater sofa, sectional elements (10), sectional benches (3), square table  Materials > Frame: wood, polyurethane, feathers; cover: fabric or leather; table top: laminate, veneer, solid surface or two types of back-painted glass  Awards >  Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award 2015  Project Assistants > Alberto Pasquale, Georgi Novoselets

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Year > 2013  Description > Modular office system of lounge/operative seating, divider screens and tables  Elements > Armchair, low screens 2 seater sectional elements (11 pcs), high screens 2 seater sectional elements (11 pcs), low screens 3 seater sectional elements  (11 pcs),  high screens 3 seater sectional elements (11 pcs), benches (3 pcs), booth connector screen, 1 seater low elements (2 pcs), 1 seater high elements (2 pcs), personal table, work tables (12 pcs), occasional tables (2 pcs)  Materials > Seating and divider frame: steel covered with knit or fabric; cushions: fabric or leather; table base: powder coated steel; table top: laminate, wood veneer  Awards > Best of NeoCon Award 2013  Project Assistants > Mattia Albicini, Carlo Casagrande, Eloisa Tolu


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